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What are the shipping methods?
If one mold and upto 6 LEDs are ordered: We ship USPS Priority at a Cost of $6.75.  This is our Standard Shipipng and will take 2-3 days to receive.
If two - 4 molds and upto 18 LEDs are ordered we ship UPS Ground. Cost is flat $10.25
All orders are shipped the next day.

Can you expedite the shipping?
No.  Orders are processed and shipped the same or next day.

How long does the Ice Lugez last for?
An average usage time for Lugez Ice Lugez is 2-4 hours. The usage time for your Ice Lugez is influenced by which model you choose, temperature, and how much it is used. We firmly recommend using cold liquids to maximize the lifespan of your Ice Lugez. The Ice Lugez melting is part of the party experience… so make it fun to watch the ice melt.

Are the Ice Lugez Mold & LED lights re-usable?
The Ice Luge molds are a one-time use… The LED lights can be used multiple times.

How Big are the molds?
Each Lugez Ice Lugez Mold is approximately 12x12x8 inches. The molds hold approximately 2 gallons of water. Thus, they are big, but able to fit in a normal freezer.

Can I add food coloring or objects to the Ice Lugez?
Of course!!! There are many ways to customize your Ice Lugez.  Food coloring is a great way to decorate the ice.  Object such as flowers, fruit, leaves, or anything else can be suspended in the water and frozen within the Ice Lugez.  Also, experiment with different color LED lights beneath the ice to gain the effect you desire. You can also find a nice article on

Can I travel with my Ice Lugez?
Yes.  Pack crushed ice around your frozen mold to secure it within a cooler.  And sprinkle some salt on the ice so that you can travel even further.